Start the Savvy Life!

Today I wanted to share with you my tips on how to start a savvy lifestyle where you will NEVER have to pay full price for ANYTHING!! Many of my friends attribute my savvy shopping success with luck, but there’s much more that goes into bargain shopping! It takes some research, you will need to understand how much products should cost, and know who is offering the best price for these products. In time, understanding how to save money on products you consistently buy will be the greatest wealth of knowledge in the world.


Deals and Specials by Subli Stuff licensed under CC 2.0

Follow Bargain Blogs 

I check several blogs routinely that update frequently on the best deals of the day/week! This helps save so much time when it comes to researching deals because not only are these detailed posts, but they will often post the best coupons that coincide with that particular deal. If you never want to miss out on a deal, sign up for their daily newsletter and follow their social platforms.  My favorite blogs to follow are Krazy Coupon LadyMoney Saving Mom, and Slick Deals.

 Compare Store Ads

Before you do any shopping, it’s important to be knowledgeable on who is offering the best deal for the products you need. Go through all of the weekly store ads and compare which stores are offering the best deal, and write out your list ahead of time so you’re not impulsively buying the items that you need.

Research Coupons/Rebates

Once you’ve planned your shopping list, I suggest looking through coupons to see if any of those products can be purchased for even cheaper! Some of the best coupons are inserted into the Sunday paper every week but there are also coupons accessible online. My favorite coupon sites are, or on the manufacturer’s website.  Some stores like Safeway, Target, and Kroger offer printable coupons that can be used in addition to the store ad and manufacturer coupons, which enable even more savings!

These are some quick tips on how to simply begin saving some money on your day to day shopping! What are some of your hacks you’ve established buying the products you need? Comment below and let us know!





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