In a Technological World…(MCO 437)

Technology has evolved to become a major influence in every aspect of our lives, we depend on technology to evolve as our expectation for efficiency rises. It’s hard to imagine the lives we had when we weren’t connected constantly with the internet. Today it is difficult to live in modern society without the use of  internet and knowledge on technology. Advances in technology enabled us to be connected with a world of knowledge, and is one of the greatest creations ever produced by humans.


This leads into my discussion on virtual reality, technology has enabled us to do access endless information in the virtual world, but is virtual reality the next big thing in the tech world, and eventually in our everyday lives? The content presented in this course has shown what an augmented world looks like in virtual reality,  interacting with the world through animated graphics that influence the way we interact with the physical world. I fear that in an augmented and virtual world, we will be less connected socially with one another than ever before.. This is an interesting topic, I never thought virtual reality would become so quickly accessible to consumers, and in time it may become a cultural norm.


There are many advantages to staying connected online and with people from across the globe, however there are certainly drawbacks to a virtual connection that takes away from the connection of living in a world where the online world doesn’t exist, and has no influence on our lives on planet Earth. To a degree, this is true, but I also believe that the virtual world and real world are intertwined, and our society relies on both of these universes to coexist simultaneously. This is an example of networked individualism, where in our world today we are living in social networks where our interactions with one another are not spatially defined. Another great example is this class, offered and taught online where we are not spatially defined to a classroom on the Arizona State University campus, and that many of you are taking class remotely, from another state or country!


I enjoyed this class, where topics revolve around the digital landscape and how it changes our world! Topics this course covered, sparking my interests, are about anti socialization on digital networks, privacy and online surveillance, along with the importance of protecting your  identity online.. If it wasn’t for the digital space, I would never have had an opportunity to work a full time while finding the time to attend school everyday, and I am thankful to have education and all the knowledge in the world, accessible to me within moments of wonder.




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