Social Data Research Assignment

For this social data collection assignment, I chose a local skincare company in Seattle that I strongly advocate for, Paula’s Choice. Paula’s Choice solely sell all of their products online, and I noticed that most sale conversations from social media revolve around product giveaways, and influencer sponsorships.

The data and information available on Facebook shows popular posts either by Paula’s Choice, or mentions of Paula’s Choice products. For example, the most popular posts are Paula’s Choice product recommendations from popular beauty magazines and blogs.  Pauls’s Choice products are either featured in these posts through paid sponsorships or advising readers of treating common skin care ailments. On Facebook, Paula’s Choice also address customer questions and partake in discussion of their product’s ingredients, and their beneficial purposes. To add on, there is a lot of engagement with Facebook users on these posts, mentioning their favorite PC products and their results using PC products.

The data on Facebook also shows the top comments revolving around the Paula’s Choice brand. The data I extracted from Paula’s Choice Facebook page,  reveals the top 50 comments are users advocating PC products & results, responding to other user posts, questions & customer concerns (ingredients, purpose, benefits, etc.), and prices.  What’s unique about this data from Facebook is seeing customers are responding to Paula’s Choice products & their promotional posts on social media ,which encouraging interaction and engagement with the brand and users. It is evident through Paula’s Choice Facebook page posts and comments, users are responsive and engaging with the content Paula’s Choice produces and promotes. Customer comments are positive, and only raise concerns about PC  product ingredients, products out of stock, and the lack of PC offering shipping world wide.

Not only does Paula’s Choice have a reputable skin care brand, the company also produces reviews of products in the beauty industry on a separate corporate entity, Beautypedia ( Beautypedia is a site producing beneficial content for consumers, weighing beauty and skin care product’s claims to the research of ingredients, citing studies on ingredients and the evidential results




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