Terms of Service







Being part of an online community is a fulfilling process of creating and hosting content on my own personal site has always been my dream. Especially for the friendship and interactions with all of you whom share the same interests and ideas! I love  to communicate and engage with you all, and encourage you all to interact with one another on my personal site, and YouTube! All that I request, on these platforms, that we respectively communicate and interact with one another. I have never tolerated bullying, and especially will not allow it on my platforms.  If there is content posted that is not courteous or kind, the post will be immediately deleted and your account blocked from further interactions with me, or my audiences.  In the event, that a particular individual does not abide by these codes of ethics, they will be banned from my personal site, as their purpose on the site is not contributing to the overall purpose of my website. Of course, this is never a course of action that I want to resort to, however I am asking that anyone choosing to partake in discussions on my personal site to cooperate and respectively interact with all those who visit AllysunWonderland.

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